The Swashbuckler Epiphany

"Clark" and "Bruce" talk about lives, loves and musics.
Tell stories, jokes, a little song, a little dance, a little hah-cha-cha . . .

swashbuckler epiphany 1962 Episode 01 PLAY IT
"The Suffering Cool"
OR "The Lone Penman Theory" (Oct 2006)

FFF and Jesus Saves ~ Anonymous Bosch
Kerouac Freakout and Dragon ~ Brent Jackson
Episode 02 PLAY IT
"Eating Endangered Species"
(Feb 2007)

Decondition ~ Anonymous Bosch
Union, Stone Chill and Ruckus ~ Brent Jackson
Episode 03 PLAY IT
"Tigers in Sensible Jumpers" (July 2007)


Can You Make It Out, Dogstory and
Dogs Will Be Dogs
~ Dogs Will Be Dogs
Episode 04 PLAY IT
"Rendering Yourself a Groening Skin" (May 2008)


Candlestein Redux ~ The Sinatra Test
Anonymous Bosch,
Funeral Service
and Gillian Fades ~
Anonymous Bosch
Episode 05 PLAY IT
"The Fathoms Below" (Oct 2018)


Ancient War in Space ~ Brent Jackson
Machine Ghosts Speak to Me ~ The Sinatra Test
The Forgiving Master ~ Brent Jackson
Thrumbler ~ Anonymous Bosch
Episode 06

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